FM23 Back on iPad

Football Manager is coming back to iPad. I am so excited to see this game back on iPad and to say I was disappointed when this game left would be an understatement.

When Sports interactive released a statement saying they would no longer be releasing football manager for a iPad it left me with no other option other than to continue playing the older version FM 21. FM21 is a great game but its time for me to move on.

So I’m sure you’ve all heard not only is it coming back to iPad Football Manager Touch Will also be available to play Cross your devices on iPhone or Apple TV this is Amazing.

It will be the first time we will see the 3D match engine of FM Natively on iPhone.

There is a catch to this though in order to play FM23 you must be subscribed to Apple Arcade.

So if you are like me and you Used to purchase football manager via iOS

it doesn’t look like it’s possible at this time. I am already a subscriber to Apple Arcade So I don’t mind too much.

What does worry me when not having the opportunity to purchase a game on iOS I could lose the option to play the game once it leaves Apple Arcade. It’s Always nice to have The old FM titles in my library To play at anytime.